My Domaining Strategy Advice

People who are new to domaining ask me from time to time how can they get started, how to make money, how to flip, what to buy etc. It’s not a question one can give a precise answer on, but my suggestion is this: buy for quick flipping when the market is high and buy […]

Best Rank Tracking Software I Tried

Over the last couple weeks I’ve searching and testing various tools and software that help check and track ranks in Google mostly, but also in Yahoo and Bing. Anyone who does any SEO at all knows how important it is to check your serps from time to time to be able to see the results […]

My $2.5k Gambling Site Flip With Details and Full Disclosure

My previous site flip post generated a lot of interest and over 1500 views, so I decided to post about another one. While in the previous post I didn’t post any details that can help identify the site in respect to the buyer and since the transaction was relatively recent – about a year ago, […]

How I Flipped A Site for $16k

Here is a story about one of my web adventures that might be┬á interesting to my readers. Along with domains I also buy/sell and maintain many websites, some of these are adsense sites with unique content, seo traffic and stable history. I purchased many of these over the years and almost all turned out to […]

Another One of Those Awful Hosting Experiences

Having to host dozens of different sites I have many shared hosting accounts, some VPS’s and a dedicated server. One of these cheap shared accounts is with and recently I needed to add some redirects to “mask” the long and ugly affiliate urls. I usually do this with a 301 redirect through .htaccess. There […]

No.. A Nice Logo will Not make your site Profitable

Some domainers seem to think that a logo can make or break a good site. I have news for you – it can not, unless this is a site selling logos, and even then it’s not that important. Recently I was building some new sites and needed to get about 20 different logos done. I […]

A Fail Proof Guide to Hiring Online

Over the last 4 years I’ve been using freelancers, a lot. Hundreds of different projects with at least a few hundred different programmers, designers, writers, data entry guys etc. It didn’t always go well – in fact the first few times I was charged large sums for not working scripts or crappy looking designs. But […]

Going to Afilicon Next Week

Affilicon, Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition in Israel, is taking place next week on Nov, 24-25. Around 1000 people are expected to visit the conference. I’ll be there as well, so if you are attending drop me a message and we can meet up and chat, or just say hi. ­čÖé

Who Wants to Buy a PR9 Site?

And now you can do it on Sitepoint premium marketplace there is one for sale. PR6 sites are seen for sale very rarely and PR7 even less than that. But here is a real PR9 site! With this SEO weight you can rank in google for pretty much anything with limited amount of content and […]

BankRate Throwing Cash Around

BankRate Inc made a few surprising purchases lately, paying millions of dollars for small one man sites. First was, a site that provides credit-card comparisons. According to it receives close to 200K monthly visitors from US. Still hard to imagine the site revenues being able to justify the $32 million pricetag the company […]