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SaaS and Content Business with 5x growth

  We acquired the business back in June 2019 for under $45K. The business included two websites, with organic search traffic and a SaaS product. The business was relatively new and the SaaS part was not programmed well, so there were many bugs and issues to resolve initially. This allowed us to get a good… Read more »

Portfolio of 5 Indian Content Websites With $95K in Revenue

A group of content websites covering various local Indian topics and niches.,,, Acquired in November 2016 for $32K. The sites were of high risk due to aggressive SEO methods and link building, and volatile niches, as well as a requirement for frequent updates. We’ve optimized ad placements and monetization and… Read more »

5 Content Sites with $200K profit

  Back in 2010 – 2011, we’ve acquired 5 content sites, mostly through several separate transactions. The biggest was which featured hundreds of articles on plumbing and gardening. Other sites had content in various niches:,, the acquisition cost totalled about $26K. These businesses generated a combined revenue of over $40k… Read more »

Flipping an Image Sharing Business with Millions of Visitors

This was a large image sharing website, we acquired, renovated, and resold back in 2016. Formerly a popular image sharing website, the “Pinterest” of the late 2000s, it had fallen out of grace with its users when the actual became popular. At its peak, back in 2011, the site was generating over 1 million… Read more »

How We Turned $51K Into $176K by Reviewing Coffee Grinders

  Acquired in Feb 2019 for $51K, following several months of continued engagement and negotiation with the seller through a broker. We were able to get a lower price for the business due to different mitigating circumstances: The seller was Vietnamese and the communication was a little challenging through a broker, who was translating for… Read more »

Women’s Health and Beauty Website – Over $300K profit in 1 year

We’ve acquired in July 2019 for $201.8K from a seller who we’ve previously done some deals with. It was a content website with dozens of articles covering different beauty and health related topics and hosting reviews of different products on amazon.  At the time of acquisition it had a shaky history, with good numbers, but… Read more »

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