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All Premium’s are Now Gone

The list of all remaining premium‘s that I’ve posted yesterday, 1471 domains, has been cleared 😮 I just rechecked all the premiums and took the remaining 6 of them. So now it’s official, another small piece of domaining history: All Premium’s are gone! As for the whole count, it currently stands at… Read more »

Premium’s – 1471 domains left

In total there are about 17.5K domains left out of 100K. Couple thousands of them were registered in last several days by a few investors. Numeric domains represent one of the safest and most profitable investments in the market currently due to their limited quantity, compared to letter domains and many possible meanings in… Read more » Countdown

Few facts first: – were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 available out of 676 –’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca… Read more »

Premium Buyout

Last Premium’s were bought out on Feb,5 2007 – 3 days ago. Now you can already see threads on namepros selling these for $20-25 each and some are getting purchased. It’s pretty obvious that these will grow in price and based on past growth and quick rise to power, I predict the… Read more »

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