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Thousands of’s Will Drop This Month

About a year ago things were quite different and domainers were encouraged to invest by ever rising prices on both short domains and generics and recent buyouts (such as and premium letter’s) which proven to be quite worthwhile. Minimum prices for’s reached $65 during peak times and there was a healthy supply… Read more »

ALL 3 Character .ru Domains Registered!

There are 1,426,613 .ru domains registered in total and 60,491 .su .ru stands for Russia and .su is the obsolete extension of Soviet Union, which is still being used. But the shocker is all 3 character .ru domains are registered! I could hardly believe that the first time I heard about it mentioned on NP,… Read more »

218 Remaining

Only 218 domains remaining currently. With domains selling for a minimum of mid $x,xxx and up to 5 figures and selling from low $xxx, 32% of domains still remain unregistered. Seeing as are worth about 30% of, it makes sense to assume that similar connection will hold for the… Read more »

Now it’s Official: ALL Have Been Registered

Now it’s official ALL Have Been Registered The registrations rates were crazy in the past few days, even higher than with Lets see how the prices rise now and how fast we can get to a minimum of $20-$25 for If there will be enough trading activity going then probably within a… Read more »

Last 2000 Domains To Go

Yes it’s happening! For all the non believers, recent count shows only 1829’s available only. The buyout is very close and it might happen within a few hours to a few days. After that it will be hard to find’s at reg fee.. Half of the remaining are starting with 0 and… Read more »

Domain Magnate 1 Week Anniversary, Stats and Plans

Yeah time passes by quickly. Would you believe it’s been a whole week since was launched? 😀 After one week the blog is averaging over 300 unique visitors per day and growing rapidly. I have big plans for this blog. Many cool things will come out soon. Unlike many others I’ve been late to… Read more » Registration Stats and Sales

According to there are currently 218,443’s remaining unregistered, out of 456,976, which is 47.8%. All premium’s were registered not long ago and since then their min prices are up to about twice the reg fee. Remaining’s by first letter: A: 5097 B: 7198 C: 5832 D: 6633 E: 7496 F: 8171… Read more » Available List Posted – 8190 Remain Available List Posted 8190 Remain Unregistered. With current trends going on will be history in 3-5 days. – All’s starting with 1,2 and 9 are now gone. In fact there is one remaining but don’t expect it be long after this post: (added: the winner is RezaS on NP) –… Read more » Countdown Approaching 10k Countdown Approaching 10k. Around 11k’s are currently remaining unregistered. Latest count shows 10, 736 10,681 8,200! They are likely to run out within a week if this trend continues. According to NNNNN Domains Marchex owns around 60K, which are valid US zip codes, so that only leaves the other 40K available on… Read more »

13628 Remaining – List Inside

13,628 Remaining from my most recent scan. Download the list here Also check out the Countdown timeline We are very close to the buyout, so if you want to reg some’s now is a good time to do so 😉

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