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Age Does Matter

An interesting post over at the NameBio blog about aged domains: Recently, I came into possession of a domain name registered in 1991. This domain has been continuously renewed for 17 years. (its almost old enough to vote!). However, Ive run into a few question marks, specifically in regards to determining value. Clearly older domain… Read more »

Two New Domaining TV Channels

Jay from DomainTools reports about two new tv channels covering domaining industry: The domain industry keeps growing. We now have two TV channel websites that create unique content which cover domaining. The first is and the other is Page Howe’s I am very impressed by the level of detail these sites have launched… Read more »

New Theme Tested.. and Failed

Edited: Some people complained that they didn’t like my blog theme so I tried a few other themes. But then I quickly realized they are all crap and I got to miss the previous one. I love gold (big surprise there eh ;)) and it is awesome, so get used to it! At least until… Read more »

Domain Magnate 1 Week Anniversary, Stats and Plans

Yeah time passes by quickly. Would you believe it’s been a whole week since was launched? 😀 After one week the blog is averaging over 300 unique visitors per day and growing rapidly. I have big plans for this blog. Many cool things will come out soon. Unlike many others I’ve been late to… Read more »

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