This is third update on our case study and this is almost after 100 days of us buying and setting up content website on this domain. If you happen to directly land on this page, I would encourage you to check previous two updates on this case study. Linking them here – Case study update #1 , Update #2

A lot has happened over last 30-40 days in terms of traffic, content and of-course 2 minor google algorithm updates. We walk you through everything that was going on with this sites in those last 30-40 days, did the website get any impact of algorithm, what kind of content did we plan, did we build any new links and everything else you need to know about monetisation and earning stats.

Traffic Stats Over last 90 Days

Traffic on the site is increasing day by day and previous google update had little or no impact on traffic negatively, these stats are snapped on 26th August just 3 days after recent google’s helpful content update and we see fall in traffic just today. It is too early to predict until the update is fully rolled out but if we ignore that, traffic over last 30 days is almost close to 6k and that is doing ok as per our predictions and expectations we computed for around this period of time.

It would be challenging and real deal to maintain this upward traffic growth in line with multiple google algorithm updates frequently but we are determined and working on our plans the best way possible to help achieve even better results.

Traffic Stats And Improvement in last 30 Days

Last 30 days is exactly when we see most considerable traffic compared to previous 3 months after initiation of this project, this traffic convinced us to get site ready to serve ads with adsense and ezoic and also plan to have some affiliate links placed for commercial articles which are fetching traffic, as we have suggested in last update.

Quick Glance:

Ahrefs screenshot (Update #3)

Surprisingly the ahrefs stats show very high traffic stats as compared to actual traffic stats with analytics, but good thing is number of organic keywords have been growing and we definitely existing keywords climbing up the serps, here is a snap

You might notice we have managed to crack one 0 KD commercial keyword which can be monetized with amazon or any other affiliate program in niche, with over 100,000 in monthly volume and we are already at position 5. Plan for next month or so is to try and optimise this article alongside other updates on site and manage to get it in first 3 positions soon the revenue will start flowing in. Have a look at other keywords and position as well, all of them are doing well and if we manage to get same growth over next 100 days this project will be huge.

What all been done in the last 30 days (Content / SEO / Website Design)

Total number of articles are now 36, with couple of them being commercial intent articles and rest all of them being informative articles. With minor edits in schema and silo structure of website nothing much has changed in terms of design. In terms of on-page SEO we have added more interlinking to help the link juice flow across each and every article and make it more engaging and relevant for audience, ultimately increasing average engagement (Not much difference in average engagement though)
For SEO we had plan to get couple of guest posts which might help us give even more push but with those google algorithm updates in recent time we plan to skip getting links for this month as well, hopefully looking at the progress and how site performs in this recent update we might plan to get links next month

Stats after 15 Weeks of buying domain :

  1. All posts are indexed
  2. Almost 1800+ New Keywords in SERPs ranking between positions 20-55
  3. Traffic over last 7 days – 5700k 

What’s the next plan :

Major plan to to monetise now and place ads and affiliate links over next month, adding new content with keywords focusing on topical authority to expect better boost is also in pipeline, if the update happen to impact us positively we expect traffic to grow somewhere around 12k-15k in next 2 months, which is our first milestone to push this website in our portfolio as a small website and work on it with even more energy and detailed execution plans,will keep you updated with follow up report, until then check inventory at they come up with new addition in domain regularly and they have good collection of expired high quality domain along with information on how you could plan and use particular domain.

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Serpnames Domain Inventory

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  1. How much words of content did you publish?
    What Off-Page tactics did you follow after getting a position under 30?
    Would you like to reveal niche as research purpose?
    Though the guide was helpful. 🙂

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