This is second update for our case study, where we will be building content site over expired domain. Before we begin, please check our first update on this case study if you have not read it already. In this article, we come up with 2nd month’s update on how we are progressing with this domain, when do we plan to monetisation it and how we plan to grow it further.

What’s up with traffic (After 60 days of project initiation)

Traffic Stats And Improvement in last 30 Days

As the screenshot indicates, we have seen decent growth / initial warmup for traffic. Considering 1.5k views in 50-55 days post-project initiation is not great, but still reasonably decent. Most of the traffic is coming from 2 informative posts, which seem to rank somewhere between 10-20 positions in serps. To confirm we have not started any kind of backlink/off-page SEO efforts for this domain but we do plan to start doing some off-page link building as soon as we achieve a mark of 40 articles and around 3-4k in monthly traffic.

Quick Glance:

Ahrefs screenshot (Update #2)
Ahrefs screenshot (Update #2)

We plan to monetize this domain as soon as we reach the mark of 3-4k monthly traffic, initially through Adsense, and later may diversify

What all been done in the last 30 days (Content / SEO / Website Design)

As planned we redirected some major pages which has links coming to one dummy page from where we are transferring link juice to all our latest articles, regarding content part we did post 1 commercial article and around 15-16 informative article from which 3-4 articles are topical relevancy articles which are around topic/keyword which is already seeing traffic and ranks in search engine.
Regarding on-page SEO we are taking into consideration proper keyword insertion including LSI and secondary keywords along with doing proper detailing in meta description and adding all possible formats and resources while uploading article. Also, we have started making unique edited featured images and replacing them for all previous posts and continuing the same format for upcoming posts.
No major changes in website design have been done since we begin but surely we will be making a couple of minor changes to theme and silo structure as we see some stats and analysis to get better performance.

Stats after 8 Weeks of buying domain :

  1. 18 Posts indexed from a total of 21 
  2. Almost 20-25 New Keywords in SERPs ranking between positions 20-55
  3. Traffic over last 30 days – 1.1k 
last 30 days traffic google analytics report

What’s the next plan :

Over next one month we plan to add 15-20 informative articles in same niche and also optimize articles which are on ranking on page 2 so we could try and fetch more traffic with some quick and easy wins in on-page SEO maybe we could even update those articles with more content and have better formatting which might improve user retention.

As of now, we are doing good won’t say its best but its too early to predict or expect results,will keep you updated with follow up report, until then check inventory at they come up with new addition in domain regularly and they have good collection of expired high quality domain along with information on how you could plan and use particular domain.

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Serpnames Domain Inventory
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