Where does Domain Magnate’s Capital come from?

As a Micro Private Equity firm specializing in acquiring and growing online businesses under $1M in value, we aim to be transparent about our funding sources while preserving the privacy of our investors.

Our own capital

We make some direct acquisitions using our own capital. These assets are managed and operated by the team like our other portfolio businesses. 

We target businesses that:

Are strategically important to Domain Magnate

Help us provide better services to our clients

Don’t fit the criteria for our funds and investors, due to their size, model or other criteria

Our Funds

We currently own and manage several funds for investors. These involve using investor capital to acquire and grow a portfolio of sites.

Fund 2019

Our first fund has been in operation since 2019. It is a small family fund that primarily targets content and affiliate businesses with organic traffic. Although the fund is now closed to new investors, you can see the results of the fund here.

Fund 2021, Domain Magnate Capital

Our latest and biggest fund launched in 2021 uses capital from accredited investors to acquire and scale a diversified basket of websites. We are actively taking on investors, you can find out how to apply here.

Buy-Manage Investors

Many of our investors prefer to directly acquire and own a business to be managed by us through our buy-manage program. Acquisitions via buy-manage are funded by individual investors. These deals are usually in $100K to $300K price range.

Concierge Buying Service

We also offer special concierge buying services, where we review and assist companies in larger acquisitions in 7 and 8 figures.

Interested in doing business with us?

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