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Domain Magnate Sources of Capital

Domain Magnate is a Micro Private Equity firm specializing on  acquiring and growing online businesses under $1M in value. We aim to be transparent about our funding sources, strategy and plans, while preserving the privacy of our investors.  Our funding for acquisitions comes from several different sources:

Own capital

We buy and manage a variety of businesses using our own capital. For direct acquisitions we generally target businesses that can be of strategic importance to Domain Magnate, to help us provide better services to our clients, or businesses that do not fit the criteria for our funds and investors, due to their size, model or other criteria. Direct acquisitions also depend on our current available capital.

Businesses acquired directly by Domain Magnate are managed and operated by our team, similarly to all our other portfolio businesses.

Our Funds

We currently manage several funds for investors. These include our first fund, which we published and detailed report on, and it has been in operation since early 2019. It’s a small family fund, which is closed to new investors. This fund targets primarily content, affiliate businesses with all organic traffic.

Additionally, we launch and operate other funds, and we are also (as of late 2020) in process of launching a bigger fund, and you can fill an application here to be notified when it’s launched.

Each fund generally has a strict criteria and price range for businesses it acquires, as well as a specific process for approving acquisitions. Sometimes we need to present the details to investors and get their confirmation, while in other cases we may be able to move forward quickly.

When we acquire a business, we make it a point to explain our buying process and timeframes, to provide the seller with accurate expectations, as much as we can.

Buy Manage Investors

Many of our investors prefer to own businesses directly, individually, so we manage those deals through our buy-manage program. Acquisitions via buy-manage are funded by individual investors and generally require prior approval by the investor, which can take a few days. These deals are usually in $100K to $300K price range.

Concierge Buying Service

We also offer special concierge buying services, where we review and assist companies in larger acquisitions in 7 and 8 figures.


Whether we acquire a business by ourselves, for one of our investors, or funds, we always aim to follow our ethical, legal and strategic criteria, as well as making the transaction and smooth and professional as possible. Even after conducting hundreds of deals in the past decade and a half, we are still constantly learning and improving our process. We are looking forward to doing business with you, if you’re considering to sell your business to Domain Magnate please fill a form here