countdown Countdown Approaching 10k.

Around 11k’s are currently remaining unregistered. Latest count shows 10, 736 10,681 8,200! They are likely to run out within a week if this trend continues.

According to NNNNN Domains Marchex owns around 60K, which are valid US zip codes, so that only leaves the other 40K available on the market and thus makes NNNNN even more rare and more valuable.

Everyone obviously ponders on the prices’s will fetch right after the buyout. Nothing is certain except death and taxes, but from previous buyouts we can expect the price to climb slowly and I predict it will reach $20 within 2 months after the buyout.

With’s we’ve seen the min prices climbing very fast to around $60 currently within 4 months and premium’s were bought out only a week ago, but are already selling at twice the reg fee. Usually the prices go up within weeks after a buyout occurs.

There are two main questions people ask related to numeric domains and’s:

1. Many domainers are reluctant to buy numeric domains because they “don’t mean anything” In fact numbers have much use our day to day life and can have many meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. Numeric domains can be:

2. Which’s are better than others? To answer this question here is a part of the post originally published on DNF with some corrections and additions to fit our theme:

This guide was originally intended for’s and the kind and was written 1.5 years ago, but same rules apply to now just ignore the prices quoted, or rather compare them to what it would be worth now:

As for the 0 at the beginning it’s indeed bad, but I think 00 at the beginning of an 5N domain could look good and give it more value.

Also note that the NNNNN’s starting with 1 were cleaned out first, so ‘1’ is likely the best digit.

3. Risk Management. As with any investment and domains in particular don’t spend on’s more than you are ready to lose. Buying 20-50’s is the right thing to do if you’re not sure about their perspective and don’t have enough funds at your disposal. 100-300’s would make you a small shareholder in the market. Over 750 may represent a potentially bigger risk, because they require an investment of over $5K, as well as considerable returns due to higher possibility of end user sales and the lucrative position of having a serious share of the market and being able to affect it in a way.

If you decide to take a bigger amount of’s be ready to pay the renewal fees in worst case scenario. It’s also recommended to sell some of the’s along the way, after the buyout, to mark some profit and minimize the risks.

Check the latest countdown and list of available NNNNN’s – it’s updated several times a day and you can see historical counts from previous days to predict and compare the rate.

Happy regging!

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