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Last 2000 Domains To Go

Yes it’s happening! For all the non believers, recent count shows only 1829’s available only. The buyout is very close and it might happen within a few hours to a few days. After that it will be hard to find’s at reg fee..

Half of the remaining are starting with 0 and many contain 4.

Already sales are picking up. Here is a recent sale of which appears to be a ZIP code for $40 on DP.

update: 982 remaining:

3 Replies to “Last 2000 Domains To Go”

  1. This is great news for domain name owners which own’s.

    Yeah that is the basic law of demand and supply – demand is high and the supply is very limited the price increases.

    Looking forward to the final countdown of the’s availability to register one.

    Bring it on.

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