Exclusive Online Business Buying and Management Service

Want to own a website but don’t have the time or expertise to get started?

Online businesses are a relatively new asset class with very high margins and returns. Statistically, first-time buyers usually lose their money on the first deal. And many investors do not have the know-how, time or skills needed to:

That’s where Domain Magnate comes in.

Our Business Buying and Management Service is an opportunity for you to partner with a well-established player in the market and benefit from our expertise, network, and systems.
You will have full and complete ownership of the business, while we take care of everything else from day-to-day operations to growth strategy.

Why work with us?

Some Recent Examples:

Who can work with us?

We are selective with who we choose to work with and aim to only choose the opportunities where we can bring the most value. Suitable candidates should:

How does it work?

Have a call with our senior staff to discuss expectations and plans

Sign an agreement and send a deposit

Buy a business

We set operational strategy, outcomes and timelin

Our team operates and grows the business

We resell the business and split profits


We like to be transparent about our fee breakdown. We typically take a deal fee and share of the profits generated from the monthly revenues and resale

Our deal acquisition fee

this is 12% of the cost up to $350K and 8% thereafter, with a minimum of $6K (lower than industry-standard 15% broker fee)

Transaction Costs

transaction costs are usually under 1% with our official partner Escrow.com, or direct transactions with 0 fees

Operational costs

ongoing external costs to grow or run the business, such as paying for content and backlinks, web hosting, ads, or a paid marketing budget

Profit split

We take 35% of the monthly profit every month, and 50% of the profit generated after resale

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