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Saas Lead Generation Platform Website

Monetization: Recurring revenue from subscriptions


A well-managed Saas lead generation platform website with $7667 per month in revenue (44x) for sale.

Technical Details

  • Tech Stack/ Framework: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Elastic Search, PostGRES, Heroku
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Protocols (HTTP/ DDP/ REST): HTTPS
  • Data Format: SQL json
  • Database Size: 9,959,026
  • Database Storage: 12.3 GB


  • Adding more features and updating and enriching the db
  • Experimenting more with paid traffic (we had good results before with adwords only)
  • Doing outreach for sales via linkedin
  • Selling customized extra services for outreach to existing clients
  • Promoting the affiliate program more, it’s operational, but hasn’t been used lately
  • Doing more marketing via social networks
  • Improving SEO for more organic traffic


  • Transfer of website, data, along with hosting account
  • All associated social accounts, including stripe and others
  • Migration assistance and help
  • Introduction of different developers
  • Introduction of several agencies we work with who can help with further marketing
  • Roadmap and future growth plan

Start Date:


  • Content
  • Website files and associated accounts
  • Domain

Skills / Work Required:



Extra Info:


Monthly Revenue: $7,667
Monthly Net Profit: $
List Price: $337,336
Multiple: 44


Average Pageviews: 1400
Net Profit: $
Gross Revenue: $


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