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Online Business Management Service

Our business management service is aimed at content websites, SaaS and services based businesses, and provides a combined professional approach to operating and growing online businesses, based on our 15+ years of experience and the hundreds of websites we have operated.

This service can be aligned based on your plans and objectives for the business, whether you plan to maintain it long term and grow steadily, or if you plan to resell within 6-12 months and wish to maximize the price you will receive for it, or simply want to pass the management to someone more experienced.

We have developed proprietary systems of planning, growth and operation, which combine strategic planning and execution on multiple channels at once, while reducing costs, and relying on our expertise and advantages to achieve maximum results. Our growth methods include a combination of SEO, CRO, development, accounting, social and email, as well as many other aspects.

Strategic Planning

We begin our process with strategic planning, where we assemble a small team, consisting of heads of departments and experts in specific areas from our team, based on your business’s needs. The team looks at various aspects of the business, such as:

  • current numbers and trends
  • profitability and expenses
  • monetization opportunities and revenue sources
  • traffic sources and opportunities
  • in depth SEO analysis
  • main competitors
  • growth opportunities
  • risk assessment
  • technical overview
  • market overview and trends
  • optimal timeline for growth and resale
  • CRO analysis and opportunities
  • products and services analysis
  • social following and traffic review
  • mail lists and subscribers analysis
  • and much more..

With our main focus on mitigating the main risks and finding the best growth opportunities, we then look at budgeting, and select a number of initiatives based on our 20/80 analysis that can generate the most effective results. We also select the people from our team to work on the business and assign a project manager to manage the execution of the plan.

Initial Improvements and Fixes

Upon creating a strategic growth plan and selecting the small team for the project, we start with the initial improvements and fixes. This is often the stage where noticeable changes and some quick positive results emerge immediately. Typically at this stage we do the following:

  • Fixing any technical errors and bugs – nearly every project we’ve encountered required some tech improvements, starting from broken pages and links, to improving speed, hosting, plugins, themes, template, code or ad errors 
  • SEO on page and structure improvements – most websites can benefit from better structure, headings, titles and other optimizations 
  • Initial CRO improvements – CRO can be a never ending process, as there is always an opportunity for creating higher conversions, however, there are often several key changes that can bring the best results initially, and we start with those
  • Restarting email lists and social channels – many businesses underutilize their email lists and social channels
  • Product and service improvements – it’s important to keep your digital products and service offerings up to date and competitive
  • Initial monetization improvements – here we also look for better paying affiliate programs or ad networks

Growth and Testing Phase

After the initial improvements we generally see some immediate positive results within a few weeks, and then the real work begins. Based on our initial strategic planning, in the growth and testing phase we proceed with implementing the different parts of the plan, which consist of some of the following:

Content Creation and Updates

We review all the current content on the website and update as necessary, to improve Google rankings, user experience and conversions. We also create a targeted list of content gap topics and find expert writers to create great content covering those topics. We later optimize and publish these, in a structured and coordinated way.

Publishing fresh content on your website is critically important to grow and maintain your organic search traffic. High quality content is essential these days, and we put a lot of effort into optimizing and editing, we only work with native English writers, who are publishing experts in their fields. Our wide network and high volume of content creation allows us to do this at scale, with reasonable costs.

We also look at velocity and frequency of content refreshes and the rate of adding new articles, in order to create a more organic growth, based on our niche and competitor analysis.

This part of the process generally produces the gradual and consistent growth of the business, and also helps increase the value of your business by growing the content base.

Link Building and Pruning

We review the current backlink profile and our link building plan is based on the assessment of current competitor research, trends and metrics. We identify the best opportunities for link creation through various low risk SEO techniques and our link building team proceeds with the project based on the quota and criteria, assigned from the strategic planning.

While link building is an essential component of SEO growth, it’s the most often misunderstood and mismanaged one. After working with different agencies and service providers, we have built out our own link building team of experts, due to having found all others unable to meet our quality standards. Creating low quality links, in an uncoordinated manner and with more attention to quantity than quality, often leads to disastrous results, causing sites to get hit by google penalties and algorithmic updates. We take the utmost care with quality control on the types, velocity, quality, placements and the monitoring of our link building campaigns for each project.

We also look in detail at the current backlink profile in order to remove and prune some negative impact backlinks, which are likely to cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, it’s very common to accumulate many of those from working with less professional SEO agencies and lower cost services. While you may not see immediate results from having bad backlinks, it substantially increases your risks and we aim to mitigate those as much as possible.

Link building and pruning often takes longer to bring results, but these efforts usually help sustain long term growth and authority building on your website.

CRO and Monetization

We set up multiple tools to track and analyze your current conversions, and then produce tests and experiments to improve your monetization and conversion rate optimization. This is an essential part of our growth plan for every business, and often brings substantial results. In some projects we were able to increase revenue by as much as 5-10x through selecting better monetization options, negotiating better CPA and revenue share rates, and improving funnels and landing pages.

We also pay close attention to user experience, mobile responsiveness and loading speed, aiming to improve all those, which in turn contributes to better SEO, CRO and happier customers! Our expert CRO team carefully examines, prepares and arranges the most promising A/B tests, then track results and implements changes.

We find it can take only weeks to see initial results from CRO, but the process can often require a period of 1-2 years to reach full maturity, where most optimization opportunities are covered. However, it never stops, as we are always looking for ways to optimize your business!

Social Media

Depending on the type of business and niche, social media can be either the most essential component of your business and the main source of traffic, or simply a branding opportunity, and a way for your customers to reach you. Our research and experience shows that all online businesses can benefit from some degree of social media presence.

We analyze the industry and the business’s trends and needs, and adapt the social media strategy accordingly. It may include multiple daily updates across different platforms, or just occasional posts about new content or offerings on your website.

With work on a wide variety of social media platforms, including pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and more, while utilizing our expertise and the different strategies for each, our aim is to grow your audience and engagement.

Product and Service Development

We can develop new digital products or service offerings, to better monetize your traffic and serve your customer base. We’ve launched multiple ebooks and various digital products, consisting of video tutorials and documents, and then successfully marketed them. It’s important to find a fit between customer expectations and demands, as well as budgets and visitor interest level.

For services based businesses our team also analyzes your current services, pricing and conversions to suggest and test optimal offerings to benefit your clients.

Additionally, we can partner with other service providers in your industry in order to create custom products or offers to sell via your business. We found this strategy to be rather effective even for content based businesses, where we have been able to partner with experts in the niche and create custom affiliate and partnership programs to substantially increase revenues.

Web and App Development

We have successfully managed many SaaS and software businesses and have developed unique expertise, advantages and methods in this area. For SaaS businesses our tech team reviews the business, starts with any bug fixes and minor errors, and prepares a more comprehensive plan for developing further features and improving services. Frequent updates and constant improvement are essential for any tech project.

For content businesses we also often look at an opportunity of creating SaaS or tech service components, such as specialized niche tools, calculators, aggregators, and similar, to grow traffic and aim in helping SEO campaigns. We also develop apple, android or chrome apps for your website and service if our research identifies it as a high potential opportunity.

Additionally, for SaaS businesses especially, we review the customer journey, aim to get feedback on features, understand and work on mitigating the main reasons for cancellations. Test different services offerings and price structures. We’ve had cases where we managed to increase revenue over 5x simply by restructuring a one time digital product purchase into a subscription service.

We can also develop a unique wordpress theme, design and logo for your website to help with its branding and user experience. Having a unique look greatly increases the value from both a user experience perspective and SEO.

Brand Growth

Having a strong and well established brand can make a huge difference in your business marketing and growth. We review, in our initial analysis, the value of your current brand vs your competitors and can map out a process of growing it, which includes multiple channels and opportunities, from reputation management, to getting published in industry publications and high authority websites, or participating in industry events, podcasts and conferences.

A business with a solid brand is far more valuable, so this can be an important step to prepare your business for resale, or simply to grow its long term value.

Costs Analysis

We carefully review all current costs, subscriptions, charges and bills, to get a comprehensive picture of all current business expenses, and analyze each for its respective value add. This process often allows us to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs by discontinuing unneeded services, transitioning to lower cost alternatives, and adding more effectiveness in operational procedures.

We do our internal accounting for all projects and clients/investors separately, and we have learned that having precise numbers reveals many interesting trends and opportunities. Seeing exact costs for each initiative and project, and their results, allows us to make better informed decisions.

We also carefully maintain a detailed P&L for your business, and can prepare and organize all your finances, proofs and documents. Having well structured finances increases the value of your business and makes it far more attractive to potential acquirers. We know that from experience, as we buy many businesses ourselves.

SOPs and Processes

We maintain standard operating procedures and process documents, covering all complex operations of the business, to allow for easier transition and sale. This helps increase the value of the business for potential acquirers, and also enables smooth transition if you choose to employ someone else to manage it. We can also help you find a direct employee to manage the business after everything has been optimized and structured.

We use multiple industry standard practices and tools to maintain processes and operations, our documents and SOPs typically consist of a mix of folders with docs, spreadsheets, videos and tutorials covering the full range of operation.

Team Management

We can also manage your current staff, freelancers and contract employees. We generally assess their expertise and value add, and can advise based on our recruitment and team management practices. Our project managers are experienced in working with external contractors and adept in managing expectations and performance of the team.

Other services

We employ a wide variety of other methods and tools to grow your business. We believe in a customized trial based approach, and continue to learn and apply new methodologies, following the current trends and market gaps.

We believe in transparency, open communication and feedback with our clients, so you will have full access to all costs, details, numbers and explanations about specific actions and plans.

Sale Assistance

Depending on your plans for the business, we also help with resale. Through our over 300 deals in the past 15+ years we’ve accumulated a lot of experience on how to best sell a business. We are connected through our wide network with all major brokerages and marketplaces for online businesses, as well as many direct buyers, and we can help facilitate a transaction, or advise on the best way to sell a business.

Our management service includes advising on the optimal timeline for resale of the business, which is based on our analysis of risks, opportunities and trends. We can also help you prepare your business for sale, provide exit consulting service and prepare a prospect for potential buyers.

We also advise on and assist in finding strategic buyers, where applicable, who can often pay a far higher multiple for your business than what is common on the market.

We are selective with the business we choose to work with, and aim to only choose the opportunities where we can bring the most value.

Contact us to find out more, check if your business qualifies for our management service and get a quote: