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Ultimate Tattoo Resource Website

Business Description: A website publishes reviews about tattoo machines, tattoo removal, tattoo aftercare, and beard-care products. How does your business make money? The website is earning revenue through Amazon Affiliate Programs and Ad Placements. How can the future owner improve this business? Direct to a brand affiliate partnership Add an email capture to utilize the… Read more »

Gadget, Apps, Software Review and News Website

Business Description A website publishes reviews with the latest gadgets, applications, softwares, and news about digital trends. With a nice brandable domain, it can expand to anything in the lucrative tech space. The website is currently earning revenue through ad placements and affiliate commissions. How does your business make money? Currently, the website is earning… Read more »

Virtual Arabic Keyboard Website

Business Description A website that helps people type in Arabic from any device. This is one of the easiest ways to type, as you don’t need to download the language pack, font pack, or any software. It’s in an uncrowded space with several keywords that are on the bottom of the first to the bottom… Read more »

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