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Website Broker

We buy, sell and broker high revenue websites.


For Buyers

We only work via exclusive contracts with sellers, so you won’t be able to find the sites offered here anywhere else for sale.

We verify all the revenue details and traffic and interview the seller. Technical assistance can also be provided in transferring websites.

Premium Buyer Service

If you are a frequent buyer and have a sizable budget we offer a special, premium buyer service that would fit your needs

You’ll get a first look at all the sites that fit your criteria, and will be able to quickly snap all the best deals

We’ll negotiate with sellers on your behalf to get you the best possible price and terms of the sale

Extra deep due diligence and  report on all potential issues with the site

Help with maintenance, managing and outsourcing all the website operations.


For Sellers

No extra listing fees, no long exclusivity periods, and minimum effort on your part. You only pay if your site was sold.

Very quick turn around – if you have a quality site with good revenues and a reasonable price, we can frequently sell it for you within just a couple days.

However you’ll need to provide detailed proofs for traffic and revenue and describe the site’s operation, maintenance and history, and agree to a short exclusive contract.

Premium Seller Service

If you have many high quality websites, with high revenues, that you’re looking to sell, you should take advantage of the premium seller service.

Lower commissions, higher priority listings.

Currently not available for first time deals.


Contact Details

email/gchat: Michael at

Skype: DomainMagnate

facebook: DomainMagnate

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