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DigitalPoint Marketplace is HUGE

Today it’s exactly 5 years since I became a member of DigitalPoint forums and it was always an important part of my business. I got started with my web business there, learned most of the basics and picked up some of my best earning sites there for rather cheap, sold many domains for good prices… Read more »

Someone Snatched My Email!

I was trying to register DomainMagnate ‘at’ today and found out it’s already registered and belongs to someone else. No one else that I know of uses that username, so the only reason they might have to grab it is probably to try to sell it to me?! I’m just hoping they are not… Read more »

Another One of Those Awful Hosting Experiences

Having to host dozens of different sites I have many shared hosting accounts, some VPS’s and a dedicated server. One of these cheap shared accounts is with and recently I needed to add some redirects to “mask” the long and ugly affiliate urls. I usually do this with a 301 redirect through .htaccess. There… Read more »

South African cctld Sales

Up until today I never heard of any domain sales. Dnjournal had 3 high value sales for the South African tld in the recent report:     $56,000     Pvt Sale     $36,500     Pvt Sale     $14,536     Pvt Sale These are private sales most likely to end users, so they… Read more »

DNForum Down

First it was NamePros down for 2 days, now it’s DNForum that is down. Hopefully this won’t last as long. I have a bunch of pms to reply to and several transactions to complete. What’s up with that? Update: DNF is back up after a few hours of downtime, but working slowly for now and… Read more »

No.. A Nice Logo will Not make your site Profitable

Some domainers seem to think that a logo can make or break a good site. I have news for you – it can not, unless this is a site selling logos, and even then it’s not that important. Recently I was building some new sites and needed to get about 20 different logos done. I… Read more » – Down for the Whole Day! has been down for the Whole Day today! Anyone has a scoop on what’s going on? Is it a DOS attack, a server move, or did they forget to pay the hosting bill? Update: NP is back up and running at full force! Was down for around 2 full days, which is a record… Read more »

ALL Sales for 2010 And Price Analysis

There seems to be an elevated interest in domains  lately from domain resellers and investors, especially the and types.  However most people still take the price guide into account, not realizing how far those values are from the market reality, so I’ve compiled a list of ALL reported domain sales… Read more »

Best Place to Buy .co Domains and Some Stats

.co domains are the undoubtedly biggest story of 2010, while many people are skeptical about them, the auctions are already fetching prices high enough to shame any cctld. Ironically appears to have the lowest prices for .co domains. The (double) irony is in the fact that despite having the word “cheap” in its name… Read more »

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