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NameCheap Coupon SAVEBIG – $4.99 .com’s – Valid Today Only!

NameCheap Coupon SAVEBIG – $4.99 .com’s – Valid Today Only! $4.99 for transfers of .com, .net, .org domains and $5.99 for new registrations. Valid on October 5, 2010 only, use the code SAVEBIG before check out

My First Domain Purchase Was a Complete Failure

I blogged about some of my successful site and domain purchases and sales before, but this time I’m going to tell you about a rather different story. As is known failures are a part of any business and if you don’t fail you simply don’t try hard enough. However I try to see failures as… Read more » Sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? a domain registered only on Sept 24, 2010  – less than a week ago,  was reported sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF? There are discussions on this on DNF and NP. The domain is merely a week old. was sold for $500K as observed on the recent dnjournal weekly sales report, so… Read more »

Directory Submissions Still Work!

Submitting your site to free directories is one of the easiest and cheapest (considering time and money if you outsource it) ways to get backlinks for your sites. These backlinks are good because you can choose your best suitable anchors, add some related text and keywords and have your site submitted to the correct subcategory… Read more »

Best Rank Tracking Software I Tried

Over the last couple weeks I’ve searching and testing various tools and software that help check and track ranks in Google mostly, but also in Yahoo and Bing. Anyone who does any SEO at all knows how important it is to check your serps from time to time to be able to see the results… Read more »

My $2.5k Gambling Site Flip With Details and Full Disclosure

My previous site flip post generated a lot of interest and over 1500 views, so I decided to post about another one. While in the previous post I didn’t post any details that can help identify the site in respect to the buyer and since the transaction was relatively recent – about a year ago,… Read more »

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers

“Premium” is the Most Misused and Abused Word by Domainers. Seriously, why would you call your domains premium if you’re selling them for $20 each? How can you call JNVY.COM a premium and moreover a quad premium one? The truth is it’s really one of those useless words to insert in sales threads. Calling… Read more »

How I Flipped A Site for $16k

Here is a story about one of my web adventures that might be  interesting to my readers. Along with domains I also buy/sell and maintain many websites, some of these are adsense sites with unique content, seo traffic and stable history. I purchased many of these over the years and almost all turned out to… Read more »

Gemar Ghatimah Tovah – to All My Fellow Jewish Domainers

Wishing an easy and efficient  fast and gemar chatimah tovah to all my fellow Jewish domainers (and yes there are quite a few 😉 ) on this Yom Kippur eve. For everyone else wondering what is this about feel free to read up here.

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