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    Skrill / MoneyBookers Goes Bust – Get Your Money Out if You Still Can!

    Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers, is going bust according to latest reports. Over the past several months they’ve started randomly freezing, suspending and closing accounts, as well as applying random credit card charges. Multiple cases were reported. Their support is almost non existent, getting a reply is very rare. Recently I also had my account… Read more »

    Google Keywords Legacy Tool R.I.P.

    As many domainers have noticed in the past few days the old google keywords tool is gone for good and instead there is only the new one. This is actually bad news for most domain sellers as the old tool used to show much higher search counts “allowing” them to show higher counts and ask… Read more »

    All About Flippa Auction Reserve

    Should you disclose your Flippa auction reserve as a buyer? Should you ask the seller about her reserve price? Why are sellers acting offended when asked and reply they prefer to keep it private? Why do potential buyers ask for reserve anyway even if you specifically stated it won’t be disclosed? If you’ve ever wondered… Read more »

    How Make a Proper Adsense Screenshot

    How Make a Proper Adsense Screenshot What are Adsense Screenshots? Adsense screenshots are simply screenshots of the AdSense revenue from a site. Usually done using the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. They are presented to site buyers by the sellers as proof of revenue. Screenshots are an integral part of any site sale and knowing… Read more »

    Selling Some of My Sites $100/month in Passive Revenue.

    I’m reducing my site portfolio and raising money for new ventures, so this is a good chance for someone to pick up a few great, well established sites with stable, passive revenue. These sites require no updates or maintenance and get most of their traffic through search engines. I’ve acquired most of them during the… Read more »

    Save Money and Save the Internet!

    Save Money and Save the Internet! Best deal you’ll find this year! In light of the recent SOPA controversy, many registrars are now offering discounts for domain transfers. Ok, to be fair there is no controversy – SOPA is bad, very bad, for the whole Internet, except GoDaddy, who helped write it and are now paying… Read more »

    My SEO Workshop Details

    Here are further details as promised for attendants of my SEO workshop today at Gvahim, TelAviv. These are the links to online tools mentioned in the presentation. Keyword research tools: G keyword tool, G insights, WordTracker; G analytics Advanced keyword research:,, Backlink Checker tools:, More Link Tools:,, Alexa Bonus Site tools* (weren’t included in the workshop):, SEO Browser extensions… Read more »

    A New Site Selling Scam Scheme Uncovered

    Lately I’ve noticed several interesting site sales on DP and all had the same in common: – sellers were very eager to sell their sites quick and asked for quick offers – sellers provided only partial and outdated stats data – all looked like very good deals Many of the deals were quite enticing and… Read more »

    9 Tips for Freelance Writers

    9 Tips for Freelance Writers I’ve worked with at least a few hundred freelance writers over the past few years, so I wanted to share some tips from the webmaster point of view on how to get more business and more clients for freelancers.  These are based solely on my own experiences. Always use Proper… Read more »

    Going to the Affiliate Conference in Barcelona

    I’m going to Barcelona next week to  attend the affiliate conference and enjoy the sunny city. If any of my blog readers plan to visit feel free to come over and say hi, or contact me to meet up for beers. Looking forward to meeting some old friends and making new ones, and checking up… Read more »

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