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ALL Sales for 2010 And Price Analysis

There seems to be an elevated interest in domains  lately from domain resellers and investors, especially the and types.  However most people

Best Place to Buy .co Domains and Some Stats

.co domains are the undoubtedly biggest story of 2010, while many people are skeptical about them, the auctions are already fetching prices high enough to

WHY Why Push It To Auction?

If you take a look at sedo auctions at any given time most of the auction listings only have one bid and the vast majority

Caught a Couple Scammers on DP

I started a thread yesterday on the DigitalPoint forums asking for 3 character domains to buy and 2 members already tried to scam me. Surprisingly

The Future of SEO as I See It

This post is a result of my 4.5 years of experience focusing on SEO as the main source to drive traffic to my online businesses

A Fail Proof Guide to Hiring Online

Over the last 4 years I’ve been using freelancers, a lot. Hundreds of different projects with at least a few hundred different programmers, designers, writers,

Domains Newsletters

I’m currently subscribed to 5 or 6 domaining newsletters and 4 of them send the emails [almost] periodically. They all go automatically to a special

Domain Name Purchase Proposal

Here is one the most elaborate bulk lowball offers I’ve received. I want my 5 minutes spent on reading it (till i got to the

Another Appraisal Scam

Got another one of those appraisal scam emails today. Luckily they land in spam folder now: Peter Miller Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 6:31 AM

Win $1000 and Improve Your SEO Skills

Update: the keyword was announced and it’s sulumits retsambew Net Builders will be announcing the new contest keyword today, some 9 hours from now. 10 Sold for $3.3 million Sold for $3.3 million – it was first reported 2 months ago, but recently sprung a more heated discussion in sight of the depressing

Happy Holidays and more..

Happy holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Hag Hanukkah Sameah 🙂 May the next 2009 year be happier, more profitable and more adventurous