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Blog Updated list – 234 available

    The registration have heated up since yesterday, when I posted the first list of 273 available Now it’s down to 234 and it looks like all the premium are gone! Countdown

    Few facts first: – were bought out on 10-10-2007 and now go for low $xxx min in snapnames – were bought out around the same time – There are currently 273 available out of 676 –’s are now selling for $x,xxx-$xx,xxx – You need to have Canadian presence to register .ca… Read more »

    The Unoffical Rick Schwartz Blog

    Check out, The Unoffical Rick Schwartz Blog. Rick Schwartz spoof blog Some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while 😀 And the comments are even funnier, here are some: Tia Likes Wood wrote: I can’t believe you would stoop to such lows with this website. Rick has done so much for this… Read more »

    Premium Buyout

    Last Premium’s were bought out on Feb,5 2007 – 3 days ago. Now you can already see threads on namepros selling these for $20-25 each and some are getting purchased. It’s pretty obvious that these will grow in price and based on past growth and quick rise to power, I predict the… Read more »

    Welcome to DomainMagnate

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! I’m Michael and I’m known among domainers as DomainMagnate, which is my username on most domain forums: DNforum, NamePros, DigitalPoint, DomainState and a few other forums I have a large domain portfolio, including domains: some are listed at 4 letter domains , geo domains and a… Read more »

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