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Blog Closes at $13.5K at Pool

Good news for .ca enthusiasts: Closes at $13.5K at Pool! I remember when snapnames first started auctioning ca domains, about 7 months ago there were a coupe in the list, they reached about $2k each and at that time I had a feeling it’s cheap. Now I know it was cheap! This even… Read more »

13628 Remaining – List Inside

13,628 Remaining from my most recent scan. Download the list here Also check out the Countdown timeline We are very close to the buyout, so if you want to reg some’s now is a good time to do so 😉 Sold for $4.5M Brokers Sale of for US $4.5 Million Moniker, an company and the leading provider of Domain Asset Management(TM) services, today announced that it has successfully brokered the sale of for US $4 million and an associated portfolio of 170 websites for US $500,000. was established in 1997 and today provides… Read more »

Best Place to Auction Domains

I’m preparing to unload a part of my portfolio and I was recently wondering where is the best place to auction them. While the two main venues are sedo and snanames, to my surprise the replies varied. Those in favor of sedo are saying that: sedo has larger audience sedo’s fees are lower – indeed… Read more »

All Premium’s are Now Gone

The list of all remaining premium‘s that I’ve posted yesterday, 1471 domains, has been cleared 😮 I just rechecked all the premiums and took the remaining 6 of them. So now it’s official, another small piece of domaining history: All Premium’s are gone! As for the whole count, it currently stands at… Read more »

All Checked

Just run a scan of all domains – that is the 4 number Canadian domains. Guess how many are available?

Domaining in The News

The domaining industry becomes stronger and more venture capital companies are entering the field, investing milions of dollars into domains. Another confirmation to it is a recent article in CNN Money: Domain Name Game Still Going Strong; Tad Less Secretive People scoffed when investment firm eCompanies paid $7.5 million for the Web address in… Read more »

Premium’s – 1471 domains left

In total there are about 17.5K domains left out of 100K. Couple thousands of them were registered in last several days by a few investors. Numeric domains represent one of the safest and most profitable investments in the market currently due to their limited quantity, compared to letter domains and many possible meanings in… Read more » Updated list – 234 available

The registration have heated up since yesterday, when I posted the first list of 273 available Now it’s down to 234 and it looks like all the premium are gone!

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