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Guess and selling price and win $2500 DNF

Hello everyone, I have 2 generic 1 word domains on the next GreatDomains auction which starts today and to make things interesting I’m offering lots of free DNF bucks to everyone here! The two domains are As you can see the reserves are set to the minimal range to encourage more bidders to… Read more »

218 Remaining

Only 218 domains remaining currently. With domains selling for a minimum of mid $x,xxx and up to 5 figures and selling from low $xxx, 32% of domains still remain unregistered. Seeing as are worth about 30% of, it makes sense to assume that similar connection will hold for the… Read more » Auctions in SnapNames

There are many auctions ending in the following few days on snapnames: Domain Current bid End date $24.00 02/21/2008 $22.00 02/21/2008 $21.00 02/21/2008 $19.00 02/21/2008 $19.00 02/21/2008 $19.00 02/21/2008 $19.00 02/21/2008 $19.00 02/21/2008 $18.00 02/21/2008 $18.00 02/21/2008 $18.00 02/21/2008 $18.00 02/21/2008… Read more »

$4.3 Million Sales From TRAFFIC Live Auction

$850,000 $460,000 $300,000 $200,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000, and $100,000 $92,000 $85,000 $80,000 and $80,000 Skinny.COM $77,000 $70,000

Tucows Reveals Their Premium Domain Portfolio

DomainNameWire reports Domain registration “wholesaler” and service provider Tucows (AMEX: TCX) has revealed data about its domain holdings. With over 150,000 domains, the portfolio makes up a significant part of the company’s value, which likely hasn’t been fully captured in its stock price. Its shares on the AMEX are sitting at $.63, just off a… Read more »

New Price Guide is Out

New Price Guide is Out on 4letternoob blog by Reece. Quad premiums had the highest increase in prices, which was only expected as they are the most desirable of all 4 letters. Triple premiums with Z and other letters seem to be the real bargain at these prices. They are not too ugly and… Read more »

First Sales From Traffic West 2008

DomainNameNews reports these sales: names sold out of 83 Total was $191,550 $20,000 $19,000 SNOWMOBILES.NET $17,000 $13,000 $12,000 $9,000 $6,000 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $4,500 $4,000 $3,900 ELECTION2008.COM $3,500

Why Domains Will Grow in Price

Some domainers, including Elliot, Dominic and admins of DomainState have recently expressed their opinions about domains describing them as a “bubble that will one day explode”. What are the reasons they list? domains have no end user value domains were bought out by domainers and are only sold between domainers There are… Read more »

A License Plate Sold for $14 Million

Vanity plate sold for $14 million in UAE ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – A license plate with nothing but the number “1” on it went for a record $14 million at a charity auction Saturday. many automobiles he owned or which of them might carry the record-breaking single-digit plate. “I bought it because it’s… Read more »

Recent Sales Compilation – 1

Recent sales compilation here from last 2 days, to keep you up to date with the current prices. eBay mostly has low priced LLLL’s and the prices seem good for buyers. At other venues prices are pretty much the same. You can still find some bargains mostly on forums here and there, but these… Read more »

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