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How to Set UpTime Monitoring for Your Website in 2 min

How to Set UpTime Monitoring for Your Website in 2 min Managing over 100 sites can be quite complicated, so I tend to only check up on the bigger ones. As most of my sites don’t require much maintenance some go for months or even years without updates. This used to create problems in the past… Read more »

How to Spot a Potential Scam on Flippa

How to Spot a Potential Scam on Flippa Unfortunately, they are not as rare on Flippa as you might think. I stumbled upon this auction recently and right away some things seemed very strange about it right away. Upon further investigation, you can easily discover that: The domain was registered only a month ago, yet… Read more »

$989 Adsense Monthly Revenue Website

$989 Adsense Monthly Revenue Website I’m currently running a flippa auction for these two websites in one listing and They make about $1k per month combined recently, however, they require quite a bit of maintenance and promotion to sustain and increase the traffic as it’s a very competitive and time-sensitive niche. The auction ends in… Read more »

Trolls taking over Flippa

Trolls taking over Flippa One of the worst parts of selling websites on Flippa is constantly having to deal with trolls. There is a large and growing number of Flippa members who never buy any websites, but like to spread false rumors and attack sellers for outrageous accusations and claims. I encounter this in almost… Read more »

A site I was Bidding on last night

This is a summary of my usual site buying process on a concrete example of a site I was bidding on last night. During one of my regular checkups on Flippa, a couple of weeks ago I picked up on a site that seemed quite interesting at first glance. That site was

Latest Google Updates or on Pandas and Penguins

The very latest series of major Google algo update Panda 4.0 rolled out a few weeks ago and they are following the same strict line as before on devaluing and penalizing low quality links and popular methods of link building and serp manipulations. Specifically as guest posts became the most popular and an inexpensive method in… Read more »

How to Get a FREE Upgrade for your Flippa Auction

Flippa upgrades are fairly expensive, but are usually quite useful to help your site stand out. To put it plainly – more exposure means better price and a higher chance of getting a sale. Recently flippa have been sending out many free upgrades to encourage people to start more auctions. The way to get them… Read more »

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