How to Value Your Online Business

No one builds up an online business for nothing. Of course, passion is one thing. But most people in the online business space are also hoping their business will become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It is easy to see when your website starts performing well. You are making sales, […]

A Guide to WordPress Websites – Optimizing, Selling and Buying

There are a lot of WordPress sites out there. And even though WordPress is a free-to-use site builder, WordPress sites can still be pretty lucrative. This means that there is a significant market for buying and selling WordPress sites. The most sought-after are of course the ones that; have the highest traffic, run quickly and […]

Mark Paterson Joins Domain Magnate’s Executive Team as Chief Operations Officer

The position will continue Paterson’s expansive executive career and most recent venture as remote consultant to founders and CEOs of global digital startups. In this role, Paterson will work alongside Domain Magnate’s CEO Michael Bereslavsky to support the firm through an exciting new phase of growth for both the company and industry. He will focus […]

Case Study: SaaS and Content Business with 5x growth

Site Recap  We acquired the business back in June 2019 for under $45K. The business included two websites. One was a website with organic search traffic and the other was a SaaS product that made money from subscriptions.  After working to improve the site, we were able to significantly boost revenue, with monthly revenue reaching […]

Portfolio of 5 Indian Content Websites With $95K in Revenue

This case study goes over the following content websites that cover various local topics and niches in India:,,, We acquired these sites in November 2016 for $32K. The sites were very risky due to aggressive SEO methods, poor quality link building, volatile niches, as well as the requirement for frequent […]

Case Study: 5 Content Sites with $200K profit

Site Recap  Between 2010 and 2011, we acquired 5 content sites, mostly through several separate transactions.  The biggest was which featured hundreds of articles on plumbing and gardening.  Other sites were in various niches: The acquisition cost totaled about $26K. The businesses used a number of different monetization methods including […]

Case Study: Flipping an Image Sharing Business with Millions of Visitors

Site Recap In May 2016, we acquired the large image-sharing website for 23k. The site was the ‘Pinterest’ of the late 2000s but had rapidly declining traffic and revenue. It hosted over 10 million images shared by hundreds of thousands of users and close to 1 million visitors per month. It was earning only […]

Case Study: How We Turned $51K Into $176K by Reviewing Coffee Grinders

Site Recap We acquired this website in February of 2019 for $51K. This was following several months of continued engagement and negotiation with the seller through a broker. The site was a content site that published reviews of different types of coffee grinders and other coffee paraphernalia. It was monetized mainly through affiliate sales.  We […]

Case Study: $300K+ Profit in 1 Year with Women’s Health & Beauty Website

Site Recap  We acquired in July 2019 for $201.8K from a seller we had previously done some deals with.  The site is a content website in the health and beauty niche. It published articles on women’s beauty and health-related topics, as well as posting reviews of a variety of different beauty products sold on […]