I’m reducing my site portfolio and raising money for new ventures, so this is a good chance for someone to pick up a few great, well established sites with stable, passive revenue. These sites require no updates or maintenance and get most of their traffic through search engines. I’ve acquired most of them during the past few years building my passive income portfolio and now auctioning many of them on flippa, follow my flippa profile to watch my listings.

Here is what’s currently for sale:

1. $95 per month – Established Passive Income Site, 2 yearsold, no maintenance.

2.  $125 per month in adsense on AutoPilot, PR4, 4 years old passive income site 

if you’re interested please make a bid on flippa only, let me know if you have any questions also




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  1. Hi, hope you don’t mind but I just wanted to sell a .info domain fast so used your format. Tq

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