thedomains reports these sales, totaling $25k:                         $5,890.00                   $2,950.00                             $2,950.00                        $2,950.00                                   $920.00       $890.00              $850.00                            $590.00                            $590.00                         $590.00           $590.00            $437.00                                   $400.00                 $360.00                                 $330.00                   $300.00                 $300.00                        $300.00                                $300.00

newyorkcityaccountingfirm      $200.00                   $200.00                   $200.00               $200.00                 $200.00        $200.00

newyorkcityofficecleaning       $200.00                   $200.00                     $200.00                       $200.00               $200.00

Some of these prices are just ridiculous, others simply low.

East Orange is a city of  close to 68K people in New Jersey. North Olmstead is a city of 34k. That’s at least 3 times less than the prices cities usually sell for. was previously offered on DNF and had a quick offer of $1k.

It seems auctions are failing to get decent prices for domains lately. I’m glad I didn’t submit any of my city domains to moniker.

Rick recently announced that he will be going into the live domain auction busines, so this might help push the industry up. Rick has been quite successful with sales lately.

2 Responses

  1. It’s due to a lack of knowledge.

    Because I will have bid much more to buy these cities if I was aware of this population fact.

    By the way why did not you bid?

  2. I would’ve definitely paid a bit more for a few of these, but the auction caught me in bad timing.

    I purchased a bunch of city domains recently. However had a few sales, so will be in market for more soon.

    These kind of names are perfect for development

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