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Low TRAFFIC Results

The low reserve/No reserve auction just completed in Orlando and the auction netted just over $63K

Here are the domains that sold

daycare.org                          $16,500.00

refinancing.net                     $8,000.00

SpaceForRent.com                $8,000.00

DietChocolate.com                $7,500.00

TreatmentProgram.com        $4,000.00

but.net                                 $2,900.00

period.net                            $2,750.00

15yearloan.com                   $2,750.00


& licensedrealestatebrokers.com       $2,200.00

semisweetchocolate.com                    $2,000.00

BroadwayShows.info                             $1,750.00


encyclopedias.net        $1,000.00

ForexTradingTools.com        $800.00

any.biz                $800.00

XXX.SC                $300.00

ok, most of these are long and kinda crappy. I like SpaceForRent though.

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