3 char LLL.com

First time I’m seeing 3character.com guide lowering prices and not just lowering, but by over 20% in a month!

3-Letter .com – $6000 (- $1650 since July 1, 2008 report)

3 letter .net lost 3.6% according to the guide.

What’s gonna happen next with the LLL.com? Well no one knows for sure. From a discussion in DomainState:

Recent sales from last ~30 days from sedo, bido, namejet, tdnam auctions:

FQV.com $6,305

QVK.com $6,730

UTQ.com $6,001

MPU.com $8,803

ZQX.com $6,100

My opinion on this? Well I’ve never bought LLL.com’s as I always considered them overpriced, but now seeing the prices fall I might actually go and buy a few once the prices drop to a significant low (if they do of course..), because as they say: “Buy when everyone is selling, sell when everyone is buying”

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  1. I think that in times of economic uncertainty investors go for more secure investments. Three- and four-letter domains have always been sort of highly speculative investments and, as you said, most of them don’t have much appeal to end users as-is. Generic domains, however, will always receive targeted direct navigation traffic that makes them valuable to corporate buyers.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Are you sure QBZ.com sold for $5,550? Justin Allen of NameBio.com owns it and I know he wouldn’t sell for that price. The whois still shows his name as well.


  3. Michael and All,

    I can confirm that QBZ.com did not sell. The name came up at auction at Namepros.com, but didn’t meet a price for which Justin would sell.

  4. An under $6k sale? Congrats to the lucky buyer 🙂

    I don’t see the prices having a dropping trend; what I see is more scoops of LLL .com domains away from end-users that had no idea what the street value is (sedo sales). Bido is an exception: they are not widely known so it’s easier to get a low price when there is no reserve. Try that on eBay!

    Namejet is an interesting marketplace as the pre-releases are those of old (unexpired) .com’s.

    I’ve followed the LLL .com market from it’s “free for all” to the current highly competitive five-figure-plus range. I wish I had held onto my early LLL .com’s but hey, hindsight 20/20 😀

  5. Dominik Mueller: agreed

    Jamie, Andrew: thanks for the note, removed QBZ.com from the list. It was posted on domainstate and a few other places.

    Acro: well, lets wait and see. I think the following months will reveal the trend more clearly.. whether it’s going up or down.

    That said of course market trends don’t change the end user potential and demand for the LLL’s, so we’ll still see reports of high LLL.com sales. However I think it’s the no reserve auctions like these that show the real market state, possibly with a small correction for new marketplaces.

  6. Every thing is realtive , the fall down of the price for the LLL.com is due to heavy sell and low quality LLL.com , those including (Q,X,Y,Z) .

    If this is right ? why all big companies still acquiring LLL.com as a solid investment .

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