Sold for $17,300, A Month Ago - $26,300 - Domain Magnate Sold for $17,300, A Month Ago – $26,300

Namejet had some good time lately auctioning off top generic names for high amounts.

One of these was, which ended today at $17,300 – decent price for any “obscure” 2 word domain, however it was in fact auctioned a month ago on July, 21 – then the auctioned fetched $26,300.

Probably the winner didn’t pay so it was rerun. As usually second auctions end up lower than previously, however an over 1/3 decrease is quite significant. According to other reports

Auction over at $17,300. Winner this time round only bid $69 in first auction while underbidder in 1st auction ($26,200) only bid to $17,200 today. is an excellent domain for any gambling, or gaming site. It’s also a popular brand and many other sites in different extensions use it, hopefully we’ll see this one developed into a top gambling portal.

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  1. heh… and I would like to sell:

    BR! Nice article!

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