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Best Place to Auction Domains

I’m preparing to unload a part of my portfolio and I was recently wondering where is the best place to auction them.

While the two main venues are sedo and snanames, to my surprise the replies varied.

Those in favor of sedo are saying that:

  • sedo has larger audience
  • sedo’s fees are lower – indeed snapnames charges up to 20%, while at sedo it’s only 10%
  • snapnames pays net 30 and waiting for 30 days for your payment is not good.
  • sedo is simple, no need to transfer all names and all the hassle in snap
  • snapnames don’t have hidden reserves
  • sedo sucks, but it’s currently the best

Those in favor of snapnames:

  • snapnames is more convinient for bidders thus higher prices are possible.
  • buyers don’t backout as frequently as in sedo
  • sedo sucks – yes that is a strong argument 😉
  • snapnames handles everything from the moment you start the auction and till you get the money

The third one is afternic, but it’s too small and not many people use it. Although it’s recommended to get an account there and list your domains there.

What do you think?

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