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Domain Names

We have thousands of domain names, each representing virtual real estate that can be developed into premium online businesses.

The powerful nature of targeted visitors and premium branding of generic keyword domains can give rise to a perfect storm of rapid brand recognition and visitors to an online presence. Below are a sampling of our virtual real estate portfolio that will be leveraged to branded businesses.

Reinvent was founded in 2000 by Dr. Kevin Ham.

The rapid expansion and unparalleled technologies of Reinvent – and Internet entrepreneur Kevin Ham himself, have not gone unnoticed. In 2007, Kevin was voted “Domainer of the Year” by his industry peers. He was also featured as the cover story in the June 2007 edition of Business 2.0 magazine. This year, Kevin was the recipient of the Industry Achievement Award at the DomainFest 2008 Conference, an annual gathering of the key players in the Internet industry space where Reinvent focus.

Among their top names are:

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