I’m finally getting more into developing my domains and at first I’m planning to build a few small adsense sites on the city names and generics.

Here is one I did this week BethelPark.com – Bethel Park is a city of 33.5k people in Pennsylvania.

This one is a small site with 10 content pages. I’m currently testing different templates to see what gives the best ctr, but I think this one should do good. The trick is to make ads blend in and fit the theme.

So there are currently some articles like Bethel Park Real Estate andBethel Park Dentists and a couple similar ones, general things someone would like to know about the city.

Now basically I should wait for google to reindex the site and send traffic my way. This one is a pretty simple site, but I’m also planning to add more stuff to future city mini-sites, like maps, pictures, rss feeds, news etc. and make them look more like city portals while still maintaining high ctr.

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