In this new section I’m planning to post a series of interviews with other domainers.

Unlike other Interviewers I’m not going after the domaining celebrities, but rather much smaller scale domainers and domain professionals like the average readers of my blog in order to give everyone a fair chance to express their opinions and share their views on the industry.

You’ll get to see domaining through the eyes of various people with different domain portfolios and experiences, as well life backgrounds. An unbiased and straight forward approach to domaining by a wide range of domain investors from the newcomers to experienced professionals.

I received several inquires lately from people interested in being interviewed and

some interviews are being prepared now. If you are reading this and you are interested in getting interviewed feel free to contact me by pming on DNforum or Namepros (My username: Michael_Goldman), or by sending an email to ‘contact’ at this domain.

stay tuned for more updates and the interviews ­čÖé

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  1. Hi, I am a UK Domainer, I have made this industry my business for the past two years now, a combination of personal and family life matters have steered me in this direction, I have built quite a nice Portfolio in only 2 years by keeping my ear to the ground and a bit of creative thinking, I look forward to reading other newcomers viewpoints and maybe even getting to connect with some fellow UK Domainers.

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