Over the last 4 years I’ve been using freelancers, a lot. Hundreds of different projects with at least a few hundred different programmers, designers, writers, data entry guys etc.

It didn’t always go well – in fact the first few times I was charged large sums for not working scripts or crappy looking designs. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and now finding good, reliable and affordable programmers, designers, content writers and data entry people is pretty easy for me.I use scriptlance.com for most of my new projects, be it writing, seo, or development. Like all other freelancing sites scriptlance is full of time wasters and people looking for quick money without work. However if you stick to the guidelines below you’ll be able to avoid them easily and find the best people for you work.

Here is my fail proof method to getting any programming/design/writing/data entry work done:

  1. Register an account at scriptlance.com
  2. Post a new project with a reasonably detailed description and be sure to use the prepaid option to show you’re serious. Make bids open and viewable to let the bidders compete amongst themselves. No need to enter budget unless you have a strict range in mind. Also note that you won’t be able to delete the project details later, so if you want to share some sensitive data in the description you can either upload a file – files are deleted after the project is closed – or send it through the message board privately.
  3. Give it at least 1-3 days to accumulate enough offers.
  4. Check the members with the best reviews. Simply ignore people who have average rating below 9-9.5 out of 10, or if they are very new and have less than 5 reviews – you don’t want that kind of service.   Pay most attention to those members who have perfect 10/10 feedback with over 10 reviews or at least average 9.8. Also pay closer attention to the feedback comments, freelancers with more comments implying that the webmaster would hire them again usually provide the best quality work and service.
  5. Pick some of bidders with top reviews, reply to them for more details. You can request examples of their previous similar work, a quick demo (if it doesn’t take more than ~15 min to make they’ll usually do it with no commitment from you), or more details on how they plan to complete the project.
  6. Discuss the details through pmb with at least 2-3 bidders you’ve picked and once you’re clear on all the details and got the best price quote – pick your winner. Do not, under any circumstances, agree on paying part of the money upfront. Use scriptlance escrow to place the whole amount, or 50% of it in escrow and it will only be released when you’re satisfied with the project.
  7. Be sure to agree on all details before choosing a winner – requesting additional features afterwards might be too late.

To sum it up:  pick freelancers with best reviews, who did related projects and discuss all details before closing. Good luck!

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  1. ” Simply ignore people who ……or if they are very new and have less than 5 reviews – you don’t want that kind of service.”

    This is sad…because how could one get a job (first timers, or noobs), if they will be ignored because of lack of review?

  2. mocs, it’s a guide for webmasters, not freelancers 😉

    For freelancers the best is to lower their rates for first few projects and try to provide a demo if it’s a script – that will usually get them the project.

  3. I really agree with u to ignore those people who ……or if they are very new and have less than 5 reviews. but is it would be always right that those who r new may not give satisfactory outputs?

    if always the beginners or freshers are ignored then how will they get a job?

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