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SaaS and Content Business with 5x growth

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We acquired the business back in June 2019 for under $45K.

The business included two websites, with organic search traffic and a SaaS product. The business was relatively new and the SaaS part was not programmed well, so there were many bugs and issues to resolve initially. This allowed us to get a good deal by paying a low amount and then having our team work on fixing the different issues and managing the support.

Through optimizing the site, building backlinks, and improving many on-page factors we were able to grow the organic traffic. We’ve also had to write most of code base, and fix multiple errors and technical issues.

We’ve worked with an agency to help rebuild the faulty software and restructure the SaaS product, fix the bugs, and add more features.

Through improving the SaaS product, features, and enhancing user experience the revenue, MRR, the number of subscribers, conversions, and most other metrics increased consistently.

The business generated over $100K in revenue, with recent monthly profits reaching over $6K per month, with a current estimated value of $190K.


We’ve learned a lot about managing, marketing and growing a SaaS business through operating this project, and responding to the multiple challenges that came up during the less than two years we’ve been running it so far. We’ve also improved our tech team and expertise and now looking forward to acquiring more SaaS businesses!

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