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Portfolio of 5 Indian Content Websites With $95K in Revenue

A group of content websites covering various local Indian topics and niches.

epfbalancestatus.co.in, icustomercare.in, iepfbalance.co.in iepfbalance.in, icustomercare.co.in

Acquired in November 2016 for $32K. The sites were of high risk due to aggressive SEO methods and link building, and volatile niches, as well as a requirement for frequent updates. We’ve optimized ad placements and monetization and worked further on improving the templates, and optimizing the content and continuing link building.

We managed to increase traffic and revenue further by building more links and ranking at the top for the main keywords, however, decided to resell the sites sooner due to the volatile nature of the niche and topics involved.

The biggest of the sites were sold same year, and others held for a longer period.

They combined generated around $95K from revenue and site sales. With the revenue peaking at over $300 per day for short periods of time.

While this was a profitable deal, we’ve also learned that Indian sites can be more volatile, and harder to maintain and sell, due to a smaller buyers market, so we’ve since updated our policies and criteria accordingly.

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