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5 Content Sites with $200K profit


Back in 2010 – 2011, we’ve acquired 5 content sites, mostly through several separate transactions. The biggest was wetheadmedia.com which featured hundreds of articles on plumbing and gardening. Other sites had content in various niches:

topcakedecoratingideas.com monumentallifeinsurance.org, serpentinebeltdiagrams.com techieblogger.com, the acquisition cost totalled about $26K.

These businesses generated a combined revenue of over $40k and we held them for about 1-2  years on average. Mainly focusing on optimizing revenue and monetization, via improving google ads positioning, and diversifying revenue with affiliate programs, and private ad sales.

We also managed to increase traffic, and grow the sites through adding more content and building backlinks.

They were later sold for $80K as a portfolio in early 2012, and generated combined revenue of over $120K:



2 Replies to “5 Content Sites with $200K profit”

  1. Hey Michael,

    I saw this post on namebee.com, and it caught my attention! Did you reach out to them to add you, or did they do it?

    I also wanted to say that this is a nice case study! That’s what it’s all about! Can you share how much money you invested in growing the sites? Or was it just your time that you “invested”?

  2. Goran, thanks! This was 10 years ago, so I don’t have the numbers, but as I recall it was under $10K.
    You might be wondering why we are publishing such old deals, the reason is due to NDAs and privacy we can’t post our more recent ones publicly.

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