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Back Up Your Data!

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backupComputers break and servers get hacked. Sooner or later everyone realizes the importance of backing up your important data, usually after a few unfortunate events. I had a few of these, from having my laptop stolen with all the important business data that I didn’t have a copy for much of it (luckily I had my passwords and other sensitive data on a flash drive) and to having servers hacked and losing the sites.

More recently, after researching a but into some different options for backup I got a 1TB external drive and set up some software for backups on it. I also use a few flash drives and some online backup services.

What do you use for backup?

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  1. If you are using an external drive, here is a simple solution… xxcopy. xxcopy is free for personal use and a very small application.

    After downloading xxcopy from the web, create a folder on your external drive. I’m using the directory 20101101 in the example below. Usually a small name like the date works – and putting everything in this directory will allow you to keep multiple backups. Then run this from a command prompt…

    xxcopy c:*.* g:20101101 /e/c/h/r/k/y

    This will copy your entire C drive to the backup drive. You can use the above command with “xcopy” which is installed on most Windows machines – but many people have issues with xcopy and xxcopy is a lot better and more robust from my own experience.

    The nice part about this is in event of total data loss, you have a copy of everything on your machine including bookmarks, application settings, etc. If you use Outlook be sure to close Outlook before you run the backup command.

    I suggest two hard drives and keeping a backup offsite – as this will keep you best protected.

    Another up-and-coming technology is “online backup” which is backing up to the cloud. This typically runs $50 a year from most companies for one machine. I like BackBlaze as it allows you to give it an encryption key, thus the files are encrypted and not readable by anyone without the key. I suggest using a very strong key like [email protected]#kfdk2#942302kdaAFDak23. Be sure you keep that key as you will need it to retrieve a backup at a later date.

  2. This is very good information.Backups are the best way to secure data.Hard drives are just like time bombs which can go off any time.Am so lucky because my files are so secure onilne with an online backup solution called Safecopy backup.This have saved me from spending tons of money and also saved my time as well because with online backups,every thing is automatic.

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