Interview With trendicator: YXL.COM Stolen and Recovered – Domain Magnate

Interview With trendicator: YXL.COM Stolen and Recovered

4 Replies to “Interview With trendicator: YXL.COM Stolen and Recovered”

  1. Michael, thanks for this interview and your kind link to auction at sedo.

    I’ve got another few hundred domains back already, and got back to me just yesterday, and they told me that it would take a bit longer to investigate the rest of the stolen domains.

    it seems that i’d lose about 200 domains as those are the ones that i did not update the whois info on…

    a good lesson learnt..

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles man. I sold to you, so I was really surprised to get an email from you asking to sell it back for less. Turned out it was the hacker. Glad to hear you recovered it, and good luck with your auction!

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