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GEO Domain Expo Results

The auction from the Geo show in Chicago just concluded with a total of $284K of domains sold.

While there were some good sales, in general I’d say it didn’t do that well. Many people got bargains on city domains

Here is a list of all the domains that sold:                         $82,500                             $30,000                                  $30,000                          $24,500                          $16,000                              $15,000                           $11,000                 $10,500                        $8,000                    $6,000                             $5,500                     $5,000                   $4,000                          $4,000                           $3,750                           $3,500                             $3,500                           $3,250                         $3,100                      $2,500            $2,500                      $2,000               $1,250                         $1,200                    $1,200                       $1,000


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  1. Indeed, Michael – some nice sales. was an absolute bargain at $15,000 ! a good catch too, while deserved much more!

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