Make Online Businesses
Part Of Your Portfolio

Website & E-commerce investing are non correlated asset classes

with higher returns than the stock market.

Invest With Us

We are a Private Equity firm with a 15-year history of buying, optimizing, and selling profitable online businesses. Over the years, we have built an ecosystem made up of hundreds of deals under our portfolio and a valuable network of connections. 

Our team has facilitated over 300+ successful deals and helped dozens of sellers exit their businesses. Our investors get access to our decades of expertise and high-quality investment deals from our private network.


Marc’s experience in online business includes over six years of successful acquisitions, with a track record of 30+ businesses to date. His operational expertise spans a broad range of industries and business models, from content websites, Amazon FBA, Shopify brands, and marketing agencies.

Our Syndication Process

We find a business opportunity

We raise equity; 95% from investors, and we invest 5%

We return 100% of the money to the investors

We get 50% of the upside moving forward

Our Projects

Here are just some of the projects that we are currently working on.

A turnaround private label winter clothing online brand with $7MM revenue.

A turnaround private discount membership website for military and first responders with $3MM revenue.

A platform to download free software with DR of 75 and 33MM visitors per year.

A well-known gaming, tech, and DIY blog with DR of 58 and 4MM visitors per year.

A popular Canadian Tech Blog with DR50 and over 1MM visitors per year.

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