The Coolest Flippa Auction Ever?

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A recent auction on flippa broke all records, with 330 bids in just half a day! It’s a neat new site with a unique service – it sends glitter to the people you hate (or like?) the most. In an avalanche of viral effects and incredible publicity the site had over 2.5 million visitors and $20k AUD in sales in just 4 days. The profit is 60-80% of this, according to the owner.

However it will likely require some outsourcing to ship this amount of orders, and the costs might increase. So it’s not surprising is not taking any more orders currently due to inability to fulfill them: “Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it. Sincerely, Mat,”, his other quotes included: “I apparently have too much free time on my hands because now my plans for the next few weeks consist of sending stupid fucking glitter to terrible people,” read more »

A Detailed Look at a Site I Bought on Flippa a Year Ago

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Almost exactly 13 months ago I bought through this flippa auction, for $2999.

  • How do you think it went?apex_blog1
  • Was it a good purchase?
  • Would you have bought it yourself from that auction?
  • Why did I buy it and how did I do my due diligence on it?
  • What did I do after  buying?
  • What are my plans for it next?

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A Hilarious TradeMark Response Slütsof in Stagram

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The owner of got a cease and decist letter from Instagram, the most successful iphone app ever, with 30 million users. At first it all seems to be quite clear and Instagram would have a fairly strong case there:


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All My Sites Are Down Ughh!

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Probably the most frustrating part of this business that every webmaster faces. Most of my sites are down currently, as my hosting company IceBlueHost is having some issues with their datacenter. They’ve been down for about half a day now and there is not much I can really do, except wait..

We are sorry to report that currently all servers in Germany are unreachable.
We are doing our utmost to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon. This is especially awkward since I just started two auctions on flippa for small revenue sites and had to explain the potential buyers why the sites are down.. Luckily, at least this blog is hosted on a different server.

How frequently do you face similar hosting problems?

A Quick $2.5k Profit Flip in a Couple Hours of Work

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Some of my readers and subscribers saw my earlier flippa sale for and asked about it. Where did I get that site? how did it sell so high with such low revenues? What did I initially pay for it? Read on to find the answers!

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Making a Living by Selling Starter Sites on Flippa

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A new segment was launched on Flippa recently – Starter Sites. Following the popularity of newly created websites on their marketplace Flippa decided to better capitalize on it, by creating a whole new area for them.

In my opinion it’s a good way for new site investors to get their feet wet and enter “the game” with minimal costs.. but also minimal gains, as 99% of those sites are never going to make any revenue or pay for themselves. However the buyers could get the required experience and get a feel for how it works, so they can move on to bigger and better purchases next. And, who knows, some of these sites might even make a few bucks on adsense, over the years. read more »

Where to Find The Best Sites to Buy?

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27I get asked this question a lot, as everyone wants to know where to pick up the best deals.

Most of my best acquisitions actually came from contacts in the industry. Webmasters who had quality websites and wanted to sell them knew that I as buying websites and turned to me for a quick hustle free transaction. I get a good deal and they get to bypass the exhilarating, and rather frustrating process of selling a website.

The next best place for me was through webmaster forums, like DigitalPoint and dozens of others. As there are many buyers and sellers on those forums it’s frequently the easiest way to sell or buy a website, especially for smaller websites.

And, finally, flippa. As it’s a fairly big marketplace I frequently find good deals and quality websites to buy there. Sometimes you have to sort through the rubble to find the real gems.

Great Website to buy for a beginner

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I’m selling this “newbie friendly” site on flippa currently. is a well established 8 year old blog about.. read more »

Anatomy of a Site Flip or How I Made $6k From a Few Hours of Work

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w8themesI receive many questions about this every week, and many people want to learn how to flip websites for profit. While most of my deals are private, and I don’t post details publicly to protect the buyers and sellers I deal with, in this posts I’ll share all the info about one site that I bought and sold on flippa recently.

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How to Set UpTime Monitoring for Your Website in 2 min

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Website-MonitoringManaging over 100 sites can be quite complicated, so I tend to only check up on the bigger ones. As most of my sites don’t require much maintenance some go for months or even years without updates. This used to create problems in the past when I’d have some errors on sites or if they went offline and stayed like that for days and even months until noticed and fixed, which naturally caused significant financial losses.

So I finally got around to it, did some research read more »